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About Our Region

The British Columbia/Yukon region is the home of a strong community of volunteers, donors, sponsors as well as an innovative team of researchers and health professionals. Through CCFC funding and regional health partnerships with organizations such as the Michael Smith Foundation, researchers in the region have increased their role in the global IBD community through projects at UBC and the BC Children’s Hospital . In 2009-2010, British Columbia was able to commit $100,000 dollars to research.

“...participation by volunteers is crucial to our success...”  – CCFC Mission, Vision, Values

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the CCFC. Through their efforts, the Foundation funds research projects, provides education programs about IBD for patients, families and the public, and increases awareness of the Foundation and IBD in general.  Local volunteer groups (Chapters, Chapters in Development and Affiliates) hold monthly meetings to plan fundraising, education and awareness activities to further our mission. Volunteers can choose to take on leadership roles in the Chapter, help out as an event volunteer or simply come to the meetings to share their ideas and to gain fellowship and support by spending time with their peers.

The British Columbia/Yukon Region is home to six Chapters and three Affiliates which are locally run volunteer groups.

Vancouver Chapter
Victoria Chapter
Fraser Valley West Chapter
Nanaimo Affiliate
Kamloops Chapter
Comox Valley Affiliate
Fraser Valley East Chapter 
TriCities Affiliate

Chapters typically meet once a month for approximately two hours. This time may incorporate both a business and a fellowship portion. Chapters also circulate bi-annual newsletters to their supporters and may also use email and other social networking sites such as Facebook to help manage their Chapter business. Event task forces/committees (i.e. Heel ‘n’ Wheel-a-Thon, All That Glitters Gala, Education, etc.) assist with short term planning for specific events and fundraising initiatives.

The CCFC also welcomes youth to connect with their peers through The Gutsy Generation (15-24 year olds).

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